Juan Sebastian Maldonado



Juan Sebastian Maldonado, a director of photography and media pro believes in challenging the status quo in creating a more intriguing and clear method of communication. This achieved by using the world of media available to us.  First finding his passion for Photography in South Africa, he got to explore the world of wildlife photography and photojournalism. He moved to the United States in 2008 to pursue a degree in environmental science, he quickly found opportunities in the media industry causing me to make the choice of leaving science behind for a future in Digital film making a love he had picked up working with people such as Octopustudio in Miami. He enrolled in the Art institute of fort Lauderdale during his time there he learned many skills and a verity of software’s, as well fined tune his camera and production skills. During his time in his degree he have done work for Florida Blue, BTL Network, Unique Collectibles and many other local and international clients. My goal is to always continue to learn has he has his entire life, being born in Valencia, Venezuela and being raised in multiple countries, learning something valuable from every culture, something he have applied to every project he has confronted.  Please enjoy my work and judge for yourself.